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Health and HIV Latest News

The International AIDS Conference took place in Durban, South Africa from July 18 to 22. Findings from several studies supported by CDC and NIAID were presented at the conference.

Browse the links below to learn more about CDC and NIAID research findings presented at the conference and during the past 2 weeks.

From CDC:

July 20, 2016: Gay and Bisexual Teen Males No More Likely Than Heterosexual Teen Males to Engage in Several Sexual Risk Behaviors


July 21, 2016: Immune-Enhancing Treatment May Destabilize HIV Reservoirs
July 18, 2016: HIV Therapy for Breastfeeding Mothers Can Virtually Eliminate Transmission to Babies
July 18, 2016: NIH Scientists Discover That Defective HIV DNA Can Encode HIV-Related Proteins
July 18, 2016: Vaginal Ring May Cut HIV Infection Risk if Used Consistently

The Graying of HIV: 1 in 6 New U.S. Cases are People Older than 50
Transmitted HIV Medication Resistance is Increasing, Mostly Among Non-Nukes
Gene therapy snips HIV out of infected cells and makes uninfected cells resistant
Will The Bernie Sanders $3 Billion Prize For New HIV/AIDS Drugs Stimulate Innovation?





FACT Education Chair, David Moyer, Wins Allentown Human Relation Commission's Highest Honor!

David Moyer was awarded the prestigious Lauren Gigure Award Of Distinction for 50 years of community service October 21, 2009. David has been a Director of the American Red Cross of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania March Of Dimes and FACT where he served in virtually all capacities... President, Vice-President, Secretary. Along with these duties he has served the Lehigh Valley as a tireless activist and advocate of Equal Rights & HIV education while being a leading voice for those unable to fight for their rights in the health care system and community.


The Directors, Volunteers and Members of FACT are proud and honored to serve with Dave and congratulate him on this achievement!



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FACT Contingency Funds address the emergency needs of Greater Lehigh Valley residents affected by HIV/AIDS.

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