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About FACT

FACT is a non-profit 501c(3) organization committed to raising money to assist individuals and families affected by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and to conquer the HIV/AIDS crisis within the Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities.

Since 1986 FACT has been identifying, supporting, and monitoring programs that provide direct and educational services within the serviced communities. An all-volunteer organization, FACT has since raised over $3,000,000 for the emergency needs of Greater Lehigh Valley residents affected by HIV/AIDS. As the only all-volunteer HIV/AIDS fundraising organization in the Greater Lehigh and Bucks county region, FACT and it's chapter FACT Bucks County are the funder of last resort for area providers to the HIV/AIDS community.

In 1986, a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life gathered together in the Lehigh Valley. They were witnessing a terrifying, devastating disease recently named "AIDS" take from them what they valued the very most. Their lovers and partners. Their life-long friends. Their sons, brothers, daughters and sisters.

Over 13,000 people had died in the U.S. by this time and no one knew when... or if... it would end. The Federal Government's response up to this time had been slow, under funded, and tinged with more than a small amount of institutionalized disdain for the gay community, which had been the hardest hit by the disease at that point. Homophobia, conflicting theories, and resistance to educational outreaches hampered efforts by medical personnel, health activists, and minority leaders to stem the tide. But a growing number of people in the Lehigh Valley felt the pain, fear, and desperation of those around them. Looking forward at where this epidemic would be headed they realized one thing: it would take an entire community working together to help those needing it the most. It was not just a gay issue, it was not just a big city issue, it was everyone's issue.

It was from this group that FACT was born. Throughout its twenty-year history FACT has been staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. The resulting savings in administrative cost are therefore passed directly into our community to fund the programs and services that are so needed by the HIV+ and Persons With Aids in our towns and cities in the Greater Lehigh Valley region.

Several years ago, a similarly concerned group of people started our first chapter in Bucks County. FACT Bucks County serves the residents of it's county, as well as Hunterdon County, New Jersey. They also underwrite the Robert Burton Education Fund.

Additionally, The Lehigh Valley AIDSWALK has merged with FACT to take advantage of FACT's administration and logistics resources and the synchronicity of the two organization's missions and histories.


To help alleviate unnecessary suffering

To halt the spread of HIV/AIDS

To assure the quality of life

To raise & distribute funds


The official registration and financial information of Fighting AIDS Continuously Together may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department Of State by calling toll free, from within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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FACT is staffed entirely by individuals like you! There are many opportunities to help...

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FACT Contingency Funds address the emergency needs of Greater Lehigh Valley residents affected by HIV/AIDS.

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